It’s Your Time to Shine At Tommy’s Express!

When is a car wash not just a car wash? When it’s the BEST carwash in town!

And we’re not just saying that. Everyone here at Tommy’s Express works every day to make sure your car wash experience is the best one possible. That means giving you a wash with the best equipment, the best technology, the best wash results, and the best customer service out there.

AND we want to help you make this your best decade yet with the fastest, highest quality, and most affordable car washing routine around: TommyClub.

How it works:

Download the app and join the TommyClub monthly subscription program for unlimited car washes on demand.  That’s it!

Unlimited washes on demand?

Yep! As long as your account is active you can visit ANY Tommy’s Express location for a wash at any time as long as we’re open. That means we’re here for you for every special event, every Saturday afternoon errand, every mud puddle, and every bird bomb.

Don’t I need a windshield tag or a membership card first?

Nope! Just enter your vehicle’s plate number and details in the app during your sign-up, and you’ll be all set and ready to go! Tommy’s Express washes use a high-definition camera system along with our own character recognition software, so our wash automatically recognizes your car and programs your package into the system as soon as you pull in front of a gate. 

I bet you make canceling a real headache.

Our customers don’t seem to think so! Using the app you can cancel your auto-renewal at any point and keep enjoying service until the end of your month-long membership period, just like a streaming subscription. You have full control in your pocket 24/7 with no contracts, phone calls, guilt trips, or dreaded retention specialists involved.

Want to wash in the winter but not in the summer? Sounds great.

Want to wash a lot for one month, and take a few months off? See you then!

Want to wash more cars? Just add them in the app any time!

Ok. So what are my options?

You’ve got two to choose from. Our QUALITY Wash, which is great for total vehicle cleaning in any season, or our WORKS Wash for everything Tommy’s Express has to offer: Rainbow Coat for extra cleaning power, Tommy Guard to seal against sun damage, Body Wax for rain repellency and vehicle shine, and Tire Gloss to keep your car looking great even where the rubber meets the road.

I’m interested, but I’m not ready to sign up yet.

Feel free to give us a try anytime. All Tommy’s Express locations offer affordable single washes as well as the TommyClub program, and don’t forget to vacuum out your car, deep clean your floor mats with our self-serve floor mat cleaners, or buy a detailing kit to keep your car looking as good inside as it does outside.

2020 is here. Make your new decade SHINE with Tommy’s Express!

Tommy’s Express Car Wash