4 Reasons to Keep your Car Washed this Fall

Fall is here with changing leaves and cooler days in the norther US, and pumpkins popping up on porches everywhere. But did you know fall is an important season for car washing too?

Here are four reasons why it’s important to keep your car clean in the autumn months.

Improve Visibility

The changing seasons mean shorter days and darker commutes, which reduces overall visibility—and therefore safety—as you’re driving. At Tommy’s Express our equipment excels at keeping your windows and windshield crystal clear, so you can better see your surroundings in dark, wet, and generally spooky backroad conditions.

Lots of Rain

Fall weather means rain and lots of it. Fortunately our Tommy Guard and Body Wax services are hydrophobic, causing water to bead up and roll off your vehicle. These treatments help your wipers to work better (once again improving your driving visibility and clarity) and also provide a protective layer between any acid rain and your vehicle’s clear coat and paint.

Leaves and Mold

Each season presents specific challenges that your car’s paint has to face. In icy winter conditions roads are sprayed in corrosive road salt. In spring cars are coated in thick yellow pollen. And in summer we all plough through lots of hard-to-remove, baked-on bug guts. But what about fall?

Unfortunately for your car fall brings wet falling leaves which can decompose and etch at your vehicle’s paint if not removed, along with unusually high levels of mold spores which spread everywhere as fall leaves and other plant life rot away.

Tommy’s Express is a perfect solution to each of these problems, helping to scrub off the offending materials and put down protective treatments to keep your car’s exterior looking great year-round!

Shorter Lines!

Bright summer days mean long lines at the car wash, which can drain precious minutes from your busy schedule. But now that days are a bit cooler and cloudier you can usually drop by without much of a wait at all. So use that Tommy Club membership and check that weekly car wash off your to-do list today!

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