7 Reasons to Keep your Car Washed with TommyClub

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A clean car feels GREAT and with a Tommy’s Express membership it’s faster and more affordable than ever to keep your car looking and feeling clean all month long. But besides a showroom shine, what value does car washing add and why is it so important to keep your car clean and washed?

1. Remove Damaging Dirt and Salt

The visible surfaces on your vehicle form an important barrier that keeps moisture and oxygen away from the frame in order to prevent rust. But that barrier can be slowly broken down by everyday hazards like acid rain, bird droppings, road dust, and salt. The damage takes time to progress, but when it goes to far you’ll find you have dingy paint, undercarriage corrosion, and rust spots that can lead to serious vehicle damage and diminished value. Rinsing down your car once regularly or spot fixing can help limit the damage, but the best way to effectively prevent premature rust is with regular trips to a high quality car wash with an underbody or undercarriage flush service.

2. Keep your Car Looking New

Tire shine and hot wax take used-looking cars and give them a like-new polish, which makes their owners feel good about the cars they drive. And when you feel good about your clean, polished, beautiful vehicle you and your passengers are more likely to take good care of the car and keep it looking that way for longer. Get that pride and keep your car looking better with quick weekly trips through the membership lane at your local Tommy’s Express!

3. Improve Visibility

Anything that reduces the visibility or focus of a driver is a hazard on the road, and even a light layer of dust (especially at night or around sunrise or sunset) can obscure the glass and make driving that much more difficult. Visiting your car wash is the quickest, easiest way to keep your windows and mirrors clean and crystal clear.

4. Boost Fuel Efficiency

When the MythBusters tested the fuel efficiency of a dirty car, and then the same car cleaned and washed, they found that a clean exterior improves fuel efficiency by nearly 10%! Even light dirt buildup generates drag and wastes fuel over time.

5. Prevent Accidental Damage

Hand washing can be a perfectly good alternative to a trip through the car wash, but only if you know exactly what you are doing. Using the wrong soap or sponges will strip the clear coat and tear up the finish, and using dirty water only grinds dirt and sand against the paint. Tommy’s Express Car Washes, on the other hand, use carefully engineered detergents and soft cloth or foam brushes specifically manufactured to be safe on car surfaces, so drivers don’t need to waste time, buy supplies, or risk mistakes to get a great car wash result.

6. Mind the Environment

Tommy’s Express car washes have high pressure nozzles and water management systems that reduce water use and conserve resources, making our washes a much more environmentally option than running a garden hose and letting soap run into the nearest storm sewer. Our sanitary sewer system keeps harmful chemicals out of local lakes and rivers, protecting animal and plant life.

7. Save Time

Stopping by your local Tommy’s Express is fast and easy – especially with a TommyClub membership on your phone. You’ll get access to our APP exclusive lanes, automatic admittance through the pay gates based on your license plate number, and then a three minute trip down the wash tunnel. Our services fit into your schedule so well you’ll even have time to use our free vacuums and floor mat cleaners on your way out.

Don’t put off taking responsible care of your vehicle. Visit your local Tommy’s Express Car Wash today!

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