Does Tommy’s Express offer business deals for car washes?

Companies nationwide have been asking for it, and we’re excited to report that yes, we offer fleet or company car wash plans. 
Consolidate billing with a single account owner to manage all your fleet vehicles and take advantage of discounted volume wash prices. 

The more your fleet washes, the bigger your discount! We offer volume discounts based on the number of washes per week for your fleet. 

Company discounts for car washes 

If you have a company fleet for your drivers or are a municipality or county that wants to wash its vehicles, Tommy’s Express is an excellent fit for a great wash. Below are commonly asked questions and answers about our Tommy’s Express fleet program.  

  • No minimum or maximum number of vehicles.  
  • Discount awarded based on the previous week’s number of washes. 
  • Our systems read the license plates of your fleet and only charge per wash.  
  • No contracts, long-term commitments, or recurring charges. 
  • All washes will be billed once a week to your credit card. Reports will show which vehicles wash and how often. Great for reconciliation to expense reporting. 
  • Utility trucks with ladders or attachments are not recommended. Recommended max height is 84 inches, width is 94 inches. 
  • All vehicles can wash at any Tommy’s Express location nationwide. 

If you have any further questions, reach out to our Guest Services team, and we’d be happy to help! 

Why we offer company car wash plans 

We know that drivers want to make a great first impression. We help solve that problem with a company car wash plan that also gives you a great discount! 

Wherever your driver’s routes take them, they can find a Tommy’s Express in their territory and wash when it’s convenient. Your accountant then sees all charges on one weekly bill, instead of each individual driver submitting weekly or monthly expense reports. We make it easy for you. 

Our easy-to-use fleet program keeps your company fleet clean on the road. 
Tommy’s Express premium detergents, Tommy Guard®, Ceramic Body Wax®, and Tire Shine help everyone look professional and fresh! 
Promote a positive image for your business with clean cars and maintain their vehicle condition along the way. It’s preventative maintenance while you wash. 
For more details, visit our fleet program page on our website