Can You Wash Dually Pick-up Trucks?

Truck In Car Wash

It’s no secret we love our big trucks (check out our Instagram for proof). But just how big of a truck can become a member of TommyClub

We can wash a vehicle up to 96 inches wide and 84 inches tall. That means that most dually trucks and lifted vehicles fit comfortably through the arches. 

So just how are we able to fit your dually pick-up truck through our wash without worry for us or you? That’s the Tommy’s Express difference. 

Our unique Tommy Transporter belt provides you with a much different (and easier) truck washing experience than most car washes offer. Instead of locking onto your wheel and pulling or pushing your vehicle through the wash, the belt provides a smooth ride to carry your truck through the wash without all of the rails that can scuff your wheels or make it impossible to wash a dually. Since Tommy’s Express Car Washes don’t have anything that grabs your wheels, we don’t have the same size restrictions.  

The conveyor belt also makes it super easy for you to load your vehicle. Just line up between the two red balls at the entrance of the wash, shift into neutral, and settle back while your truck gets extra clean. Make sure you disengage your 4-wheel drive for the best and easiest experience.  

Bring on the dual-wheeled, lifted trucks and Jeeps and even lowered vehicles. They’re all loved here. And while you’re here, be sure to use the free vacuums to get that pile of gravel cleaned out from under the gas pedal.  

To finally get the wash your truck deserves, find your nearest Tommy’s Express location here.