How do I cancel my TommyClub membership?

We’re sad to see you go, but we get it. Seasons change, and with it, so does your budget. Before you decide to cancel, consider switching to PayPerWash™, our pay-as-you-go program with no monthly fees and still allows you to use the convenient TommyClub APP lanes for fast, contactless payment. PayPerWash bills your saved credit card only when you wash and provides you with the preselected wash package you choose without waiting in the Cashier lane. If you decide to cancel, no hard feelings. You’re always welcome back at Tommy’s Express whenever you’re ready to wash with us again.  

Since your TommyClub membership is month-to-month, there are no cancelation fees. This means you can adjust your account at any time. One important thing to note: you must cancel your membership before your renewal date to assure a stop on your automatic payment date. 

To confirm you have successfully deactivated, please check your email associated with your membership for a confirmation message. Each wash subscription must be individually canceled on all vehicles listed in your account. 

Pro tip: If you are in the middle of a wash period, you will still be able to continue washing for the remainder of your billing period. 

  1. Download the app and install it on your device. 
  1. Open the app and tap the navigation lines in the top right-hand corner. 
  1. Tap My Garage
  1. Tap Manage Subscription on the vehicle you’d like to cancel. 
  1. Select Cancel Subscription
  1. Follow the instructions in the dialogue (cancel, switch to PayPerWash). 
  1. Tap Finish
  1. You should receive an email letting you know your subscription has been canceled. 

If you’d rather watch a video about how to deactivate your TommyClub membership, check this one out.  

Whenever you’re missing your Tommy’s Express membership, feel free to reactivate it later or switch to PayPerWash for that same TommyClub experience, minus the monthly membership fee.