Your Summer Car Wash Solution!

Summer is here, but before you know it the season will be gone in a blur. Summer camps, outings, vacations, camping, bonfires—and suddenly the leaves change, and an autumn chill fills the air.

If only there was a way to get back more of this precious time and spend more of the summer where it counts:  with family or friends, exploring new far away destinations, or pursuing hobbies and passion projects.

Well, at Tommy’s Express we have a solution!

Instead of spending thirty minutes to an hour methodically scrubbing and rinsing your car (moving panel by panel, using a two-bucket system to avoid scratches, and making sure all your soap runoff stays out of the local storm drain—we hope) you can visit your local Tommy’s Express Car Wash for a fast, safe, friendly car wash experience on-demand.

How fast?

Just 3 minutes through the wash bay and less than a 10-minute wait during our busiest periods.

How safe?

Cutting-edge car wash technology with specially formulated cleaning products, soft cloth, and foam brushes, and powerful high-pressure nozzles deliver a mechanically precise clean that eliminates hand wash errors.

How friendly?

At Tommy’s Express, we are always happy to see you! We’ll answer any questions you might have about the wash process and send you off with a smile.

If you want more time back this summer, skip the driveway car washes and give your local Tommy’s Express a visit. There’s no other car wash experience quite like it, and with an affordable Tommy Club membership, you can claim unlimited washes for your vehicle whenever you need them all summer long!

Keep your car looking great and get back more of your summer break with your local Tommy’s Express car wash!

Tommy’s Express Car Wash