What cars aren’t safe to go through the wash?

Is it dorky that I get excited before going through Tommy’s Express Car Wash tunnel?

In the span of just a few minutes, I’m treating myself to a shiny new ride. My car gets a luxury suds wash. 

Going through a Tommy’s Express Car Wash, I can tell that they care about me and my car.  

In fact, they care about all the cars that go through the wash – and they want to keep everyone safe. 

That means there are a few ground rules for all vehicles that want to go through the wash. 

First up: No aftermarket items can go through the wash. Things like roof racks, bike racks, and wheelchair carriers – basically anything attached to a hitch carrier needs to stay at home. 

I was surprised at how much effort they put into making sure that I (and my car) always have a great experience. 

They’re constantly checking truck beds to ensure no loose items were forgotten.  

It all comes down to safety: Brushes and spinners can get trapped in racks and cause damage to my car (or someone behind me). They’re always looking out for us! 

Finally, they suggest those cars with rust stay at home. And any vehicles already damaged – like a loose bumper or anything tied down with duct tape.  

It makes perfect sense! They don’t want to cause any further damage to any cars.  

When in doubt, be sure to ask any team member for help, and they’ll give you the best advice about what they can make sparkly again. 

Questions? Send a message on Facebook, or feel free to ask at your local Tommy’s Express.