Do you have a ceramic option?

Ceramic Body Wax

Yes, we offer ceramic car washes with our top wash, The WORKS.

Our guests have been asking for it – and it’s here! Our Ceramic Body Wax® is now standard at all Tommy’s Express locations.

Our Ceramic Body Wax is a high-quality formula that forms a protective barrier over the vehicle’s surface.

It really helps provide that showroom shine.

Why should I choose a car wash with ceramic?

We’ve taken the traditional car wash wax and improved it in many ways.

One of the biggest ceramic car wash benefits is that it can last much longer than traditional carnauba wax.

Here are other perks that make it better than traditional car wax:

  • Creates a protective barrier on vehicles and provides a lasting shine.
  • Fills in microscopic irregularities on clear coat for improved shine and repelling water.
  • Helps protect vehicles from salt, acid rain, UV rays, and microabrasions once bonded.
  • Vehicles wash easier as debris sits more loosely on surfaces after the Ceramic Body Wax is applied.

Overall, a car wash with ceramic wax will help maintain and protect your vehicle’s paint job and clear coat. In fact, the earlier you start using ceramic car washes, the better it is for your vehicle.

You can extend the life of your paint job and demand a higher resale value with a routine of ceramic car washes.

How do I wash a ceramic-coated car?

Guests often ask how to wash a ceramic-coated car.

There are two answers to this question:

  1. If you have a professional ceramic coating applied to your vehicle at a dealership or detailing center, refer to the car wash guidelines of the ceramic manufacturer or the application location.

  2. If you use the Ceramic Body Wax with The WORKS at Tommy’s Express, our unique formula is safe to wash as often as you want!

We highly recommend our unlimited wash plans to keep your vehicle in peak condition.

Our in-house blending department has created the ideal balance of pH-based detergents that gently remove dirt and debris from your car without harsh chemicals.

Trust the experts in the car wash industry – we’ve experimented, tested, tried, and reformulated our own detergents to offer the best car wash experience.

Cleaning more often removes debris before it has a chance to bake on in the hot sun. Ceramic Body Wax can then be reapplied with The WORKS and fill in any needed spots.

The more often you wash with The WORKS, the better!