Do you have interior detailing?

Tommy's Express Detail Kits contain everything you need to give your car the care it deserves.

You’ve made the decision to go get your car washed at Tommy’s Express – great choice, by the way – and now it’s time to decide what wash package to get. 

You know your car is extra dirty from that road trip where you trusted your instinct a bit too much and took a wrong turn onto a dirt road; you’re definitely going with The Works. But… what about the interior? Your floor mats are sandy and the dashboard has definitely seen better days.  

Well, we have good news for you: We sell detail kits. A convenient package of all the things you need to give your car the care it deserves, minus the high cost of professional detailing and long wait times.

Simply go through the APP Lane using your Unlimited TommyClub membership, then pull around to our convenient vacuum bays. Your first step is to use the free vacuums and mat washers to get every dirt and crumb swept up.

Pro-tip: if you’re a first-timer with the easy-to-use mat washers and aren’t sure about how to use them, ask one of the team members on-site and they would be happy to help you.

Once the vacuuming is done, it’s time for the detail kit. To purchase a detail kit, use the vending machine on the vacuum stand and one will automatically dispense for you. It has everything you need to bring the sparkle and shine back to your vehicle’s interior. Tommy’s Express Detail Kits save time, money, and are a super convenient way to show your ride some love. Learn more about our services here.

Who knew cleaning your car would be the easiest errand you’d run all day?!

See you in the vacuum bay soon! We’ll be the one by the mat washers. 😉