Do You Wash Low Riding Vehicles?

We thought you’d never ask! You’ve heard from us before about how much we love our big trucks and duallies (#BigTruckClub). Lowered cars get dirty and need some Tommy’s Express love too.  

Traditional car washes use a chain and roller system to hook onto your wheels and either push or pull your car through the wash. Tommy’s Express Car Wash is anything but traditional. We invented an industry-leading conveyor belt to gently carry your vehicle through the wash.

Our conveyor belt has grips to make sure you don’t roll once you are loaded and shifted to neutral. Nothing will be hooking onto your vehicle or pulling it through the car wash, and there are no rails to scuff those sweet wheels. This means cars and trucks that are lower than the OEM design are able to go through Tommy’s Express with ease. Be sure to stop by your local Tommy’s Express and ask us if your add-on ground effects or wings are ready to join TommyClub.

Wide tires and lowered sports cars are no match for Tommy’s Express! We love vehicles up to 84 inches tall and 98 inches wide with ground clearance as low as 2 inches.

Still want more proof? Check out our Instagram Reels for vehicles of all sizes getting the Tommy’s Express treatment.