Every Day Is Lucky at Tommy’s Express!

Whether you’re Irish by blood or just Irish at heart, Tommy’s Express is ready to be your lucky charm this St. Patrick’s Day. No matter who you are or what kind of car, SUV, or pickup you drive, we’ve got the best wash, at the best value, with the best service around.

Here’s what we mean:

Speedy Visits

Hand-washing your car is tricky business. You need the right supplies and the right wash technique to avoid scratching your clear coat or walking away with water spots. And even if you know what you’re doing it’ll take you at least an hour (and probably more!) to get it done right.

On the other hand, Tommy’s Express offers safe and outstanding cleaning in minutes, giving all our customers the convenience of quick, on-the-go car washes without sacrificing quality or value. Multiple lanes mean our washes can handle high customer demand with short wait times, fast belt conveyor speeds and easy loading keep cars moving through the tunnel, and our oversized 130’ conveyor belts hold more customers at once and give us the elbow room to pack on more cleaning power than our competitors for a better quality result.

Safe, High Quality Service

Fast is one thing. But what about quality?

Tommy’s Express washes are engineered with what we believe is the best tunnel car wash system IN THE WORLD. And it’s no accident. We’ve been innovating and experimenting with soaps, sealants, steel, glass, and electronics for decades to create a complete wash system that works better than any other, delivering reliably clean vehicles at high speed without causing damage or sacrificing quality.

And you’ve got options! Our wash process features standard and optional services from Presoak Application to Soft Cloth or Foam Brush Body Soap cleaning, Under-Body Flush, 3-Step Tire and Wheel Cleaning, Spot Free Rinse, Fire Red Hot Cleanser, Tommy Guard, Body Wax, and Tire Shine treatment—all so your car comes out looking GOOD.

Unbeatable Value

So many of our customers have fallen in love with the Tommy Club unlimited wash subscription, and it’s easy to see why!

Starting at $19.99 / month your enrolled vehicle receives instant access through our member’s only APP lane for a complete wash whenever you need one, period. You can visit every day if you like and canceling or modifying your account is 100% painless using the Tommy’s Express app.

Get lucky, get clean, and get insane value at your local Tommy’s Express!

Tommy’s Express Car Wash