Experience Unlimited – Here’s to a New Year!

Experience unlimited clean all year.

A letter to the editor,

Are you making resolutions this New Year? I am. And it’s not the usual, like eat better or get more exercise (not that I won’t give that a shot, I suppose). After a long and… volatile 2021, my resolution for next year is clarity. I want to stop sweating the small stuff. I want fewer little things getting in the way of my big things. I want to know what’s coming so I can be ready to meet it. And, believe it or not, I think the Unlimited experience at Tommy’s Express is going to be a big help.

Here’s why:

Way Fewer Accounts To Manage 

We’ve got a few drivers in our family already, and it looks like we’ll be needing to add another car by the end of the year. With Tommy’s Express, I don’t have to mess around with multiple logins and passwords across various vehicles, each with their own bill to keep track of anymore. The TommyClub app has a MY GARAGE feature that lets me add more than one vehicle to my account and make changes to each wash profile anytime I need. And that won’t be often. With one credit card on myTommyClub app, I’m pretty much set all year long.   

Fast Washes Anytime  

  • Cruised through the mud?   
    • Grab a car wash.   
  • Bird bombs?  
    • Grab a car wash.   
  • Roads are salted for ice?  
    • Grab a car wash.   
  • Making good first impressions? 
    • Grab a car wash. 
  • Bugs are out?  
    • Just grab a car wash!  

TommyClub means that every driver in my family and I can get a wash for any car, anytime. Having access to the App lane means that we rarely have to wait. We don’t need to roll down the window or hand over a credit card, and we don’t need to carve out time from our commute or family events. Just pull in, cruise through, and back on our way with a clean, shiny car. It’s pretty slick, and between the time savings and the TommyClub’s (UNLIMITED!) value, we’re definitely getting our money’s worth.  

Tommy’s Express really does offer an unbeatable experience without the hassle for my family and me. And, given how much time we all spend in our cars, that matters.  

If you haven’t already, I hope you give Tommy’s Express and TommyClub a try in 2022, and I hope your new year is a great one!  


At Tommy’s Express, we’re looking forward to another year of UNLIMITED CLEAN with great car washes for all. And we always love hearing from you, our community members and fans, about what our services mean to you.   

So here’s to 2021, and we’ll see you in 2022!  

Tommy’s Express Car Wash