Trust Us, This Year Your Dad Wants a Clean Car

I love my Dad! And it’s probably safe to say that most people do too. Love their own Dads, that is. Although, anyone who knows my Dad loves him, so that’s not really a stretch. He’s a heck of a nice guy.

Ask my Dad would he would like for a gift and his answer is always the same: “I have everything I need, just being with my family is gift enough.” Baloney. Sorry Dad, but I know better. He loves getting gifts as much as anyone else. What he is REALLY saying, is he has all the [useless stuff] he could ever need. True that. How many “World’s Best Dad” coffee mugs can one guy have? And yes, the “cartoon-duck-on-Hawaiian-print” neck tie was indeed hilarious, but where on Earth is he really going to wear it? Work? Dad is a funeral director.

Dad has a lot to be proud of. A family that loves him. A long and successful career. A comfortable home. And his car. Yep, he really enjoys his car. In fact, if I were a betting man, I would say most Dad’s have at least one car that they really like. And they enjoy taking care of it, probably more than they let you know.

Now, back to gift giving.

We’ve all heard, “it’s the thought that counts.” Most of the time, we say that as an excuse for cheaping-out or presenting the classic “hand-made” gift (another awesome bird house/ash tray). What it actually refers to is the thoughtfulness of the gift itself. Something you knew was desired but was never asked for. Bingo. That’s the gift that says you’ve been paying attention. Something that HE wants instead of something you want him to have.

Get him a month of unlimited car washes. It’s what he wants.

Or, the birdhouse/ashtray thing is good too.

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