I’m Heading Home For The Holidays, With Tommy’s Express!

Giving washes for Christmas... just makes sense. Tommy's Express Car Wash logo surrounded by holly, ivy, and cranberries.

I was flipping through my family’s calendar this morning, and between November and December, things start to look real busy near the end of the year.  

But after the events of 2020 and 2021, I think some running around is a good thing. After all, no matter how crazy Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year’s, and the whole holiday season might get, the chance to come together with your family and loved ones face-to-face is worth the hustle and bustle. Enjoying each other’s company with good food and gifts and traditions just isn’t something to take for granted anymore.  

But there’s something else that comes to mind when I think of heading back home and seeing everyone.  

It’s the “big red car wash” that my little nephews used to beg me to take them to, the quick car wash stopover we always do on our Black Friday shopping adventures, and the “really great” Tommy’s Express gift cards I’ve been getting my uncle for the past few years since he isn’t up for washing the car by hand these days.  

Sure, they’re little things. But they matter. And having a car wash like Tommy’s Express lets you keep your car looking good and get rid of pollen and leaves and road salt without breaking the bank or taking a long time out of your day—that matters too.  

And that’s why Tommy’s Express shows up on my holiday season calendar, year after year.  


Thank you! It’s always so good to hear how our car washes can make a difference in people’s lives!  

Readers, if you have holiday car washing stories you’d like to share, please let us know! And if you’ve been searching for the perfect holiday gift and coming up blank, give a whole month (or three!) of car washes with a Tommy’s Express gift card, available online or at your local Tommy’s Express location.  

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