Try Tommy’s Express Hot Wax for Real Showroom Shine!


At Tommy’s Express we work hard to provide a great quality car wash no matter what menu option you pick, from the Basic wash and all the way up. But there are good reasons to give our top menu option, the WORKS, a try!

One of the biggest of those reasons is our fan-favorite HOT WAX service, which is applied in liquid form near the end of the car wash from a specially designed arch system. Here are a few reasons why so many of our customers have taken a shine to it.

Real Carnauba Wax

Just like top quality hand waxes, our Hot Wax service uses real carnauba wax. This natural material is produced by the Tree of Life, a species native to Brazil. The wax coats the palm-like leaves of the tree to help resist intense tropical sunlight and shed rainwater. Once harvested, the wax is converted for use in a wide variety of commercial vehicle care products.

Showroom Shine and Protection

Carnauba waxes offers cars and trucks the same advantages it lends to Trees of Life: water resistance and UV resistance. The wax layer helps repel moisture for better water beading and (along with Tommy Guard, our UV blocker application) resists UV light to protect and preserve the underlying paint layers.

But the real reason why auto enthusiasts favor carnauba wax is because of the deep, warm glow that the wax leaves behind on a vehicle’s paint. We call it the showroom shine.

Repeat Benefits

Of course, a quick Hot Wax application at any express car wash can’t compete with a detailed hand-wax coating from a professional detailer. But it is an affordable and safe solution for vehicle shine that fits into your daily schedule.

However, something interesting happens once members start visiting more often. When the Hot Wax application comes down over the vehicle it binds to tiny pores in the clear-coat surface, sticking around and providing that light layer of protection and shine. But with more visits, a few a month or so, that thin layer of protection begins to build up, growing thicker and thicker with each visit.

Try it Today!

Many of our faithful and frequent members report an ever-increasing quality to the shine and water resistance to their vehicle—and they love it! It’s a soft glow that really catches the light and has great water and dirt repellency.

If you’ve never given our Works package and Hot Wax a shot, maybe you should! With Tire Shine, Rainbow Coat Body Soap, and more Tommy’s Express gives you real value for your money—especially with a Tommy Club membership for unlimited monthly washes on-demand. Visit the links above to learn more.

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    1. Yes it can as long as it is below the maximum height clearance (7′ – 2”). Please allow our team members to help you line up and load on the belt securely and you should be good to go!

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