How does a TommyClub membership work through the app?

In an era of near-constant technology updates, it’s hard to keep track of all the device, software, and app features. Sometimes, it feels like a guessing game of “What does this button do?”

That’s why we’ve designed the Tommy’s Express app to be simple and easy for anyone to use.

After you download the app, you can explore our wash plan options to choose your favorite. Once you sign up for a membership on the Tommy’s Express Car Wash app, you are officially enrolled in TommyClub.

Perks of the Tommy’s Express car wash membership 

Once you have a car wash membership, you unlock access to the app lanes at all Tommy’s Express locations. Cross “waiting in line” and “stopping at the service window” off your to-do list.

There’s no need to pull out your phone either when pulling up to the app lane gate. 

We ask you for your vehicle’s license plate, make, and model during the sign-up process. By collecting this information, our systems can automatically scan and recognize your vehicle’s license plate upon approaching our gates. 

As this happens, our systems will link your license plate to the wash package set on your account. Then the gates will open, and you will be able to wash your vehicle by slowly pulling around and heading into the tunnel. 

For easy loading onto our conveyor belt, drive your front tires onto the belt and place your vehicle in neutral. Our conveyor belt system will do the rest of the moving for you.

Similarly, as the wash is angled downhill, once your tires maneuver off the belt, you can place your vehicle in drive again.

Get the full TommyClub membership experience

Your TommyClub experience doesn’t end at the tunnel.

If you pull around the corner of the wash exit, you will have full access to our free vacuum and mat washing stations. Here you can clean the inside of your ride and toss out your garbage.

Tommy’s Express is known for washing vehicles in three minutes or less. Our license plate reading technology and TommyClub app lanes significantly contribute to our fast car processing rate.  

Don’t dabble with difficulty. Try our TommyClub membership at your nearest Tommy’s Express Car Wash location.

Feel free to contact our Guest Services department if you have questions about our memberships.

Love your ride.