How To Get The Shiniest Car With Tommy’s Express

Washing is GOOD for your car. It keeps your glass clear for safer driving, removes dirt, grime, and salt to prevent or slow rusting, and services like Body Wax, Body Guard, and Tire Gloss can give your vehicle layers of extra protection against the elements.

But none of this takes away from the simple pleasure of driving car that’s clean and shiny, day after day.

So, whether you’re in a Camaro, Camry, Cadillac, Corolla, or just about anything else, what’s the best way to keep your car looking great at Tommy’s Express?

Try A Detail Kit

You can buy Tommy’s Express Detail Kits at our cashier stations, or contact-free in vending units located in our self-service vacuum area.

Inside, you’ll find glass cleaner, surface cleaner, a lint-free microfiber towel, and air fresheners perfect for getting the inside of your car as clean and fresh as the outside.

Take Care of Your Spot Cleaning

Tommy’s Express washes work hard to give your car the best possible clean. But we can’t always get everything.

If you can rub grime off with your finger tip, whether it’s dirt, dust, tar, or bug splats, then the wash can probably get it off too. If you need to use your fingernail to scratch it off, then you’ll probably need to spot clean it off with a vehicle-safe microfiber cloth, sponge, and/or soap.

And, naturally, if you’ve been mudding we’ll ask you to pre-spray your vehicle off at home, so we aren’t flinging mud all across the wash bay!

Hand-Clean Your Mirrors and Windows

At Tommy’s Express, our Spot-Free Rinse service uses highly purified water generated from a reverse osmosis system, so we can rinse the exterior of your car with minimal water spotting once it dries.

But if you really want your ride to shine, you’ll want to take a glass cleaner and microfiber cloth and clean off your side-view mirrors and the outside and inside of your windows by hand. This should get rid of any distracting smears or other imperfections, though you should be careful not to get glass cleaner on any other plastic or automotive surfaces.

Restore your Headlights

Take a look at your headlights next time you step out to your car. If you’re like most of us, and your car isn’t brand new off the lot, it’s probably gotten pretty cloudy, oxidized, and weathered.

To get your headlights crystal clear and looking like new again, all you need to do is get a quick car wash to clean off the whole area, put painters’ tape around the headlight plastic to protect your car’s finish, and then scrub the clear plastic of the headlight down with regular old toothpaste to polish off the buildup before removing the tape and rinsing clean.

If this procedure doesn’t do the trick or if you have moisture or fogging on the inside of your headlights, we recommend consulting with your local auto detailing company.

Choose Tommy’s Express WORKS Washes

Not all washes are the same. If you really want your ride to shine, the WORKS wash is the wash for you.



Tire Shine

Want tires that look healthy, black, and shiny, even years down the road? Our high-end Tire Shine application gives tires that incredible wet, like-new sheen while providing lasting protection and moisturization.

Tommy Guard®

Tommy Guard® is essentially sunscreen for your car, providing a fine barrier to protect against UV light and other elemental hazards. This is great for keeping your paint looking newer longer, and it gives your car some extra sheen as well.

Body Wax®

The big one 😊. Body Wax® service at Tommy’s Express gives you a fast, even coating of vehicle wax that helps give your car extra water-repellency and a real high-quality shine for as long as it lasts. And as long as you’re washing regularly, this coating will build up over time to help keep your ride looking its best even years down the road.

Touch Up Any Problem Spots

If you notice any areas of your car aren’t coming out of the wash 100% clean, you can towel them off while your car is still wet to complete the effect.

This been known to happen with some flat-backed SUVs, but we really do our best to make sure that every vehicle that rolls down our tunnel is getting the 100% best wash possible front, back, and center.

Subscribe to TommyClub!

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You’ll enjoy benefits like:

  • Faster visits with access to our express, members-only APP lanes
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