I added a second vehicle with a promotion and got charged. Why?

Making car washing quick, easy, and accessible has driven our strive for innovation. One of these innovations is the Tommy’s Express app.  

Inside the app is MyGarage, where you can manage your vehicles, change and view your wash subscriptions, and apply your Tommy’s Express coupon codes and car wash gift cards. Plus, just by having a TommyClub account, you can access the app lanes at all our locations. 

Following our goal of making washing more manageable, we’ve even developed a way to simplify payment periods. 

No matter how many vehicles you have on your account, your charge date will be the same date every month. That date is the day you created your account and added your first vehicle to the app. 

By creating this system for subscription payments, we have made it easier to handle your expenses and keep track of your billing periods.  

But what if you want to use a Tommy’s Express coupon code on your second vehicle? 

Using your Tommy’s Express coupon code

When wanting to use a promo code or a Tommy’s Express Car Wash gift card, it’s hard to wait until the end of your billing period to get your free washes. 

Lucky for you, you don’t have to wait! 

You can apply an offer to any vehicle in your TommyClub account. 

For instance, if you were gifted a Tommy’s Express 1 Month WORKS car wash gift card, you can use it on the second vehicle on your account, your personal vehicle. 

However, suppose you have an Unlimited subscription already applied to that vehicle and used your gift card in the middle of a billing period. You might notice there’s a charge on your account when the billing date comes around. 

A reminder that the Tommy’s Express app will use the billing date of your first vehicle wash plan as the monthly billing date for all of your account’s subscriptions. This system allows all of the vehicles to catch up with each other and bill at the same time. 

Your second vehicle is being charged for a prorated amount to start billing the following month on your single account billing date. 

If you already paid $30 for an Unlimited WORKS wash package on your second vehicle and you used your promotional code in the middle of the month, you will only be charged for the half of the month you used, as well as for the remaining days following the free wash plan’s end.  

This way, you are not cut short on your wash time, and you can still renew both of your vehicle’s subscriptions each month without any hassle. 

So, if you get your hands on a gift card or promo code, don’t worry about waiting. Download the Tommy’s Express Car Wash app and ride clean sooner rather than later.  

For more information about our gift cards, click here.