We Love Everything About your Car Except…

Today is the first day of summer and that means bright sunshine, warm weather, and busy Tommy’s Express Car Washes keeping your ride looking great. But, while we always stand by our equipment and wash performance, there are some vehicle features we can’t be responsible for due to the potential risk involved in washing them.

These include:

    • Any loose objects in your truck bed (always clear it out first!)
    • Automatic wipers (should be manually switched off before entering the wash)
    • CB antennas and power antennas (please lower or remove these before entering the wash)
    • Fifth wheels
    • Loose, rusty, rotted, cracked, or previously damaged vehicle parts and components
    • Modified or non-standard parts and components
    • Non-factory rims
    • Aftermarket or non-standard roof racks
    • Running boards and louvers
    • Bug guards and shields
    • Classic or vintage vehicles without modern clearcoat paint protection
    • Rear wipers on certain Honda or Volvo vehicles, if you decline to use a protective baggie

Have questions? Please ask at our window!

Depending on your vehicle you can still usually take your car through the wash at your own risk. Thank you for understanding and, as always, thank you for being our biggest fans! From all of us at Tommy’s Express, please have a great and safe summer.

Tommy’s Express Car Wash

3 thoughts on “We Love Everything About your Car Except…

  1. Are there any shut off buttons for emergency, in case a car goes off the rail? I went off one years ago. Still scared. Can they shut it down if there ever was a problem?

    1. Hi Isabella,
      There are a number of emergency shutoffs located throughout the wash bay. But keep in mind that Tommy’s Express Car Washes don’t use a rail system. Instead we have Belt conveyors, and as long as the vehicle is stationary there is really no way for it to jump off or escape the conveyor surfaces.

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