Looking Forward To The Back-To-School Season!

A Letter To The Editor,

A bit about me…

I have three kids. Two school-aged, one just about ready to pack up for college. And I really try to look for the positives in life, even when things are a little bit crazy and even when things are hard.

But, as I’m writing this, looking outside at the dark-green maple tree in my front yard, I know that it’s going to start turning gold for autumn soon, and I know I have to get my back-to-school checklists updated and a packing list for college too.

And you know what? I am STOKED!

Believe it or not, it was an incredibly rough school year last year. Parents, you know what I mean.

Whether your kids were in-person, remote, asynchronous, or even 100% homeschooled during the 2020-21 school year, it was a disruptive, stretching, character-building time for all of us. And after a long summer of making up for some of that lost time, I’m just looking forward to getting back to some normalcy.

And that’s why I’m so thankful for Tommy’s Express.


My youngest still loves car washes. Something about them (and Tommy’s Express in particular!) just seems to click with him. And while the other two kids were mostly ok with switching between online and in-person classes, it was rough on him.

With our TommyClub membership, regular trips to Tommy’s Express to get the car cleaned up became a family ritual for us last year, one that I kept going through the summer. The Tommy’s Express experience doesn’t take long, but the time spent together out of the house checking off that one little box on our to-do list truly matters.  It gave us something to look forward to outside of the house—something to do together.

The TommyClub App Lane allows for a quick, errand-friendly stop, but more importantly, one that is safe and contact-free. While avoiding germs in a pandemic is critical, for a busy mom, limiting my interaction with other people meant I didn’t have to change out of my sweats before leaving the house (ladies, you know what I mean), making this a double win!

I’m planning on running through the car wash again while we’re out hunting for Back-To-School specials in the next few weeks and then right before we drop off my oldest at her new school.

She joked we’d have to add her car to our TommyClub membership when she comes back next summer. I joked that she’d better get a job and get her own.

Really what I’m trying to say, I think, is that I’m thankful for having Tommy’s Express around, I’m thankful it kept running through the pandemic, and I’m thankful to see them giving back to the local community more and more as things open back up.

If you’re lucky enough to have a Tommy’s Express in your town, you should give them a try!

-A Fan

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