How do your mat washers work?

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Our favorite way to complete the clean at Tommy’s Express is to swing around to the vacuums and free mat washers. Learn more about our products and car wash services on our website. 

These machines are a real powerhouse—we’re taking interior car cleaning to another level. It’s more than just free vacuum stations at Tommy’s Express! 
Have you ever seen clip-up mat washers? That’s just a fancy way to vacuum them outside of the car. Our mat washers do more—thoroughly cleaning both sides with a mix of suds and water spray.

Car floor mat cleaning 101

The instructions are on the front of the machine, but if you’ve never done it before, trying something new may be intimidating. Here are the simple steps for our free mat washers. 

  1. Hit the green button to activate the water and soap functions. 
  1. Insert your floor mat face down. 
  1. Switch knob to choose water only or just vacuum. 
  1. Slowly feed your mat until the machine grips it and draws it through. 
  1. Wait for the cycle to clean. 
  1. If the machine stops with your mat inside, hit the button again. 
  1. Remove your freshly cleaned mat from the bottom rack. 
  1. Enjoy your clean floor mats! 

We do ask that you ensure your floor mats can fit in our machines. There’s a list of approved floor mats inside the floor mat washer station. A general rule of thumb is that fabric or thin plastic mats can go through, but the larger custom molded (think WeatherTech brand) mats are too thick to rotate properly. 

Free mat washers are one of the services our Guests geek out about most often. While different at a few locations, they’re frequently located on the side of the building to the right of the entrance of the wash. A set of glass doors keep the mat washers out of the weather. Visit your favorite Tommy’s Express location to experience the magic for yourself!