It’s Time for A New Decade of Clean Cars at Tommy’s Express!

This week the world puts the 2010s behind us and welcomes the first new day of 2020!

Here at Tommy’s Express, we’d like to wish you the very best in the New Year, and in the decade to come. And after the festivities are over we invite you to come to try out one of our new washes and see how much better your day-to-day experience can be when your car feels fresh, clean, and new!

What does your local Tommy’s Express have to offer in 2020, and beyond?

Exceptional Car Washing

Getting a thoroughly clean car shouldn’t require a whole afternoon or an appointment. Who has that kind of time?

Tommy’s Express facilities use a fully modernized express car wash system engineered to provide mechanically consistent, chemically precise, superbly high-quality vehicle washing at the highest possible belt speeds, so you can get into our 130ft tunnels with little to no wait and get back on the road in minutes.

Unlimited Value and Convenience

Unlike other car wash membership programs the Tommy Club unlimited wash membership is based entirely on your car’s license plate number and an automated, high-definition camera eye system. That means there are no radio tags or membership cards that you need to keep in your car. It also means that right now, wherever you are, you can download our app and enroll your vehicle.

Need to turn off your auto-renewal or adjust membership level? You have total control through the app and while your membership is active you can bring your car through the wash as much on-demand to blast away dust, bugs, or salt and keep your car protected and looking great year-round.

Complete Interior Cleaning

Clean your car inside and out at your local Tommy’s Express!

Our powerful dual-hose vacuum stations are available at all Tommy’s Express locations, giving you a fast and convenient solution to keep your car’s interior looking and feeling great. And once you’re done vacuuming, consider purchasing an affordable interior detailing kit from one of our vending units and take advantage of our on-site floor mat cleaners to strip away months of salt and dirt buildup in seconds.

2020 marks the beginning of a fresh new decade, so make the most of it with a little help from Tommy’s Express!

Tommy’s Express Car Wash