This Valentine’s Day, You Don’t Have to Commit

Valentine’s Day is coming, and we want you, our guests, to know exactly how much you and your support means to us—especially if you’re a TommyClub member. ♥

But if you’re just not quite ready to say yes to a forever together with Tommy’s Express (or a month-long unlimited wash subscription you can manage from your phone), it’s ok.

We get it.

We get you…

That’s why we have a new option for your consideration, one that gives you the same modern, touch-free, fast-lane convenience of TommyClub, but without the month-to-month subscription.

We call it TommyClub Pay Per Wash.

Pay Per Wash vs. Cashier—What’s the Difference?

Fair question. If you want a car wash, plain and simple, you can still pull up to the cashier lane and pay using card or cash, no problem.

But when you sign up for TommyClub using the Tommy’s Express app (available to download free from Google Play or the App Store) and select the Pay Per Wash plan, you’ll be able to register your license plate just the same as if you were signing up for the unlimited wash club.

This means that the automated license plate recognition system built into the APP lane at your chosen wash will recognize your vehicle as soon as you pull up, granting you access to the tunnel and charging your designated payment method for each wash individually—not on a reoccurring monthly basis.

It’s faster, easier, and 100% contact and conversation-free, perfect for anyone who’s feeling a bit smothered over the holiday.

Pay Per Wash vs. Unlimited

Not sure which plan—pay per wash or unlimited—is for you? We can help!

  • If you’re only planning on one, maybe two washes any given month, and you tend to use the same wash package and car wash location each time you visit, pay per wash is the right option for you. You won’t have to worry about a forgotten or run-away subscription, and you still get all the convenience of the APP lane.
  • If you’re planning on getting two washes or more a month, or you use more than one Tommy’s Express location regularly, pick the unlimited plan. As long as you wash at least twice in thirty days or so, it’s a better deal, and it’ll give you the freedom to use multiple locations and stopover more often, keeping your car looking great no matter what nature throws at it.

How Do I Sign Up?


Visit our membership page to download the Tommy’s Express app to your mobile device. From there, follow the prompts and enter your information, including payment method, license plate code, chosen location, and your preferred wash package. Watch this tutorial for further instruction.

Once you’re fully registered, just visit your chosen Tommy’s Express and pull into the app lane. The system will scan your plate number, open the gate, and charge your payment method for your chosen wash package automatically—and that’s it!

There’s no risk and no unexpected charges or fees. And if you want to change your package, cancel your account, or switch to the Unlimited Club, you can do it all from the app.

At Tommy’s Express, you’re in control!

What if I’m Already in the Unlimited Club, and I want To Switch?

If you want to re-define your relationship with the TommyClub, you certainly can.

First, you have to cancel your TommyClub renewals. Don’t worry; you’ll still have unlimited car wash service until the end of your subscription/your auto-renewal date.

Once your subscription is taken care of, you can use the app to sign up for the pay per wash option in the Tommy club, and that’s that.

Note that the system is set up so that if you have a monthly subscription AND signed up for pay per wash, the subscription is used first. In other words, when you pull up to the APP lane, you’ll never be double charged for service.

Committed or casual—it’s all up to you at Tommy’s Express!