Pollen Season is Here, Is your Car Ready?

Depending on your location, pollen season is either on its way–or already here. At some point between March and April you should begin to notice gentle clouds of tree dust showering down  from tree blossoms and covering absolutely everything. Your home, your clothes, your shoes, and your car as well.

And whether you have allergies or not, this pollen can be a problem.

 Bad for Allergy Sufferers

If you get springtime allergies, you know just how rough this season can get. The symptoms are miserable, leaving you with irritated eyes, a runny nose, and coughing and sneezing fits–and all during a time of the year when you should be outside, in the sun, enjoying yourself and the warm, beautiful weather.

And, making matters worse, because this pollen is everywhere and sticky it can and will hitchhike into your car, onto your clothes, and then into your home or workplace where you just can’t seem to get away from it.

Bad for your Car

It’s just annoying tree dust, right? As long as you brush it out of the way and can see the road what’s the problem?

Well, along with acid rain, road salt, bug smear, and bird droppings, neglected pollen on your vehicle can be surprisingly damaging. The pollen itself is barbed on the microscopic level, allowing it to catch the tiny pores in your vehicle’s clear coat and hang on despite wind, motion, or rain. And over time the organic compounds in that embedded pollen will break down, turning acidic and etching at your car’s surfaces to cause fading and clearcoat damage.

Plus, it’s just plain annoying to look at.

The Answer to Spring Pollen

Pollen’s got to go and we have the solution! While we at Tommy’s Express can’t cure your allergies (or get you meds), we are more than happy to clear away all the pollen catching a ride on your car on a regular basis. With a monthly Tommy Club membership you can use our high pressure water, thick body soap, soft cloth brushes, and hot wax finish to keep your car pollen free on the outside as often as you like—every day if you need to. Then try our vacuum centers to keep your car clean and allergen-free on the inside. With three minute washes and fast lines, we make it easy to stop buy, get a quick wash, and get back on your way for one low monthly price.

To learn more about Tommy Club, click the link. Or try our location finder to search for the Tommy’s Express location and menu pricing nearest you!

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