Tommy’s Express is your Anti-Pollen Solution!

Pollen Season

Spring flowers and warm weather are finally here! But if you’re one of the tens of millions of Americans who have seasonal allergies, this can be a tough time—especially when you spend time outside. But what about driving? What happens when pollen reaches your vehicle and what can allergy sufferers like you do to try to stay comfortable and sane during your daily commute?

Is Not Just About Allergies

Flower and tree pollen are released in a virtual flood during the spring, and while the dusty buildup on your car’s exterior might not seem so bad, the acidity of the buildup can work to dull the paint on your vehicle, etch away at your clearcoat, and even promote rusting. It’s a subtle effect, and one that takes time to work, but if you ignore it the pollen on your vehicle will have a negative—and preventable—impact on your car’s appearance.

Try a High Power Wash and Wax

Our high pressure car wash nozzles effectively remove pollen buildup from all quarters of your vehicle, including the underbelly. This keeps the surface clean and fresh so you don’t track pollen back and forth from work to your garage. Our Hot Wax, on the other hand, leaves a thin coat of carnauba wax over the surface of your vehicle, which adds a layer of protection to prevent etching and actually makes it harder for the pollen to stick. All this takes only three minutes, and with our Tommy Club memberships you can visit the wash every single day during high pollen periods.

Deep Clean and Treat your Interior

Our self-serve vacuums are the perfect fast, free way to spring clean a car’s interior—and that includes sucking up pollen dust. By vacuuming the inside surfaces of your car you’ll remove much of the buildup that may have snuck in, and by using the dashboard wipes included in our detailing kits or an anti-static dust spray you can actually treat the surfaces to repel the pollen and keep as much of it out of your car as possible.

Check your Air Filters

Pollen dust is everywhere, and even if your car is clean inside and out it can still get in through your vehicle’s air intake while you’re on the road. Cleaning out or replacing your cabin air filter will help black those particles and keep your driving experience as clear and comfortable as possible.

It’s not a magic bullet for allergy season, but by taking proactive care of your car and making the trip out to Tommy’s Express you can at least limit your symptoms and make your vehicle that much more comfortable to spend time in. So read up on Tommy Club, our discounted unlimited wash program, and try your local Tommy’s Express Car Wash today!

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