Pollen Season

Wash. Drive. Repeat. P22022

This year, the first official day of spring was March 20.  

Spring means warmer weather, flowers, vacations, weddings, and getting back outside for many of us. 

But for many others, it means some nasty seasonal allergies are due to flare up any day now if they haven’t already. 

Even though Tommy’s Express can’t help with your runny nose and watery eyes, we can help your commute feel a little bit fresher, and we can give your vehicle some much-needed anti-pollen protection all season long. 

What Is Pollen, And Why Don’t You Want It On Your Car?

Pollen is a plant reproductive material. Eww.   

 It’s produced as one part of a plant (depending on the type of plant) and needs to be transferred to another element by insects or the wind for seeds to be produced.   

The problem for allergy sufferers is that different plants have different pollen seasons, ranging from as early as January to as late as November. But, for many, the absolute worst stretch is tree pollen season, which happens during the spring months and sees a fine yellow powder blasted across just about every outdoor surface, from your driveway to your windows, to your favorite spring jacket. And your car is no exception.   

The problem with this, at least as far as your car is concerned, is that pollen:  

  1. Keeps coming back, day after day  
  1. Can set off allergy symptoms even when you’re inside your car (especially when there’s a lot of it on the outside)  
  1. Can cover up your windows, reducing your visibility and safety on the road  
  1. It has a very high level of acidity  

The problem with #4 is that each grain of pollen naturally degenerates over time, and as it breaks down, it can eat or etch into your car’s clear coat and paintwork. And if your entire car is dusted with pollen, this season-long, low-grade chemical burn can add up to some pretty surprising damage if you don’t deal with it proactively.  

Don’t Worry, We’ve Got You Covered

A quick rinse with your garden hose won’t get rid of all the pollen on your ride (individual pollen grains are hooked to help them hold on to different surfaces, plus they tend to repel water). Thankfully, our end-to-end wash process and specially developed applications are great at breaking pollen down, lifting it, and washing it all away. 

 And if you opt for our #1 The Works package, you’ll get even more protection with a high-quality layer of Tommy Guard and Body Wax. Both are perfect for protecting your paint from threats like sunlight and pollen and helping to give you that stunning showroom shine.  

And the best part is that we can take care of your pollen problem fast and on-demand. Cruising through a Tommy’s Express only takes around three minutes, and when you join the UNLIMITED Club, you can visit as often as your car needs, with no limits.   

Fresh and Clean, Inside and Out

Once your car’s exterior is clean and clear, make sure to get the pollen out of your interior cabin space with our high-power self-serve vacuums, floor mat cleaners*, and interior detailing kits available at each Tommy’s Express location.   

Together we may not be able to solve your allergy season entirely. Still, we can help you enjoy a commute that’s more comfortable in a vehicle that’s protected, clean, and beautiful. So, download the Tommy’s Express App, join the TommyClub, and start your clean routine today.  

We’ll help you love your ride!  

*Floor mat cleaners are not available at our San Antonio, TX and Menifee, CA locations.