Solve Your Summer with Tommy’s Express

There’s no season quite like summer for having fun in the sun. But all that fresh air, along with bug guts from road trips, dirt from camping, and salt from lazy afternoons by the water, leads to a really dirty car.

Of course, you can clean it yourself. But washing a car in the sun leaves water spots, you have to get the right soaps and brushes to avoid damaging your paint, and it usually takes at least an hour—if not an entire afternoon.

Who has that kind of time?

Fortunately, Tommy’s Express Car Wash is here and ready to serve as your ultimate summer solution!


Every inch of our system is engineered for speed, to give you the convenience of a quick, on-the-go visit without sacrificing quality or value. Our washes feature multiple lanes to handle high traffic conditions, fast belt conveyor speeds to keep cars moving, and a long tunnel to pack more cleaning power applications into your visit.

  • Average time through the tunnel: 3 minutes
  • Average peak wait time, at our busiest: 10 minutes or less
  • Average visit length, total: 5 minutes or less

That’s on-demand convenience that fits into any schedule!

Better Quality

We can do it faster, but can we do it better? Yeah, we can.

Each Tommy’s Express car wash uses the same system, engineered to deliver a reliably clean vehicle without causing damage. The process features a presoak application, body soap, soft cloth or foam brushes that don’t trap dirt or sand, three-step tire and wheel cleaning, under-body flush, and spot free rinse along with sealer, body wax, and tire gloss applications at the Works level package.

Always Affordable

Time is money, and we want yours to go as far as possible. Our single washes start between $6 – $8 depending on your location and our TommyClub unlimited wash program starts at only $19.99 per month, $29.99 per month at the WORKS level.

That’s an entire month of washes ready and waiting whenever you need them, with special tag-less access to our members-only APP lane via your license plate number, for one flat monthly price.

Clean and Fresh, Inside and Out

Dirt, sand, and crumbs always seem to find their way into our cars no matter the season, and summer is no different. So, clean your car inside and out with our powerful self-serve vacuum stations and floor mat washers. Then wipe down your windows and console, and hang an air fresher with an interior detailing kit, only $5.

Trust us, it’s a difference you’ll feel.

For everyone with places to be, people to see, and dirty cars to wash—we’re ready! Save time, save money, and make the most of your summer with Tommy’s Express.

Tommy’s Express Car Wash