Tommy’s Express, Water Mission, and YOU!

A shiny red car with Water Mission logo next to it. The text on it reads "every wash helps provide clean water".

Hortencia Perez, a single mother of six in the small community of El Encanto, Mexico, used to get water for herself and her family from a shallow well in her yard. This water used to make them sick, and it used to cost her more than she could afford to buy clean water from other sources.  

But thanks to you, me, and Water Mission, this isn’t the case anymore! 

What Is Water Mission? 

Water Mission is an organization that builds sustainable clean water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions in developing nations and areas ravaged by natural or man-made disasters.  

Based in South Carolina, Water Mission is 100% nonprofit and committed to the values of love, excellence, and integrity as they pursue their mission.

How Big Is the Problem?  

Without clean water, you can’t live a safe or productive life.  

Take a minute and think about how much water you’ve used today. I showered, brushed my teeth, ran the dishwasher, had a tall, ice-cold glass of filtered water with lunch, and I have some flowers to water and clothes to wash when I get home.  

Now think about how different your life and my life would be if there were a chance that any of that water could hurt or kill you, me, or the people we love. Think about how much time and energy it would take to boil all the water we use every day and how much it would cost to buy and ration bottled water instead.  

I can’t fathom it. 

And today, in 2021, over 2 BILLION people lack access to safe water. That’s about 1 in every 3 human beings who face an increased likelihood of illness and premature death from waterborne diseases and parasites. That means massive amounts of time and energy are needed to source water. Which led to reduced productivity in terms of education and work, and even permanently disrupted normal childhood development, depending on the type of contamination they’re drinking. 

And when these effects are compounded by disasters like storms, wars, and droughts, things only worsen for those caught in the middle.  

What Sets Water Mission Apart? 

This is where Water Mission comes in. Instead of just delivering truckloads of water or digging a deeper well and walking away, Water Mission works with local support to come up with lasting, sustainable, and affordable solutions for bringing clean water to those who have never had it before and to keep those solutions running despite wear and tear. 

Take our friend Hortencia, who writes, “This clean water helps keep us healthy and helps our budget because the water is very affordable… I go to the Water Mission meetings and support the water project. I am trying to do all I can to help Water Mission because it is good what they are doing.” 

What About In The United States? 

Do you recall February 2021? “Historic” winter storms swept through Texas and pushed the energy system to the brink of failure. Thousands upon thousands of homes and businesses experienced plumbing catastrophes as water pipes froze and burst as power and heat went out.  

It just shows that even here in the US, extreme conditions can leave any of us or our friends and neighbors in situations where the clean water we all take for granted suddenly becomes a critical issue.  

Amid this disaster, Water Mission was on the ground, ready to help. According to their publications, Water Mission began working immediately with Plumbers Without Borders, the Austin Disaster Relief Network, and corporate partners to get skilled labor and plumbing supplies to where they were needed most, especially when it came to residents who were elderly, disabled, uninsured, or underinsured.

How Can We Help Support Water Mission Together? 

If you wash your vehicle at Tommy’s Express Car Wash, you already are! 

Each time a car rolls down the belt at any Tommy’s Express facility nationwide, a portion of the proceeds are automatically contributed to Water Mission, directly supporting their work and ministry related to clean water and sanitation worldwide. 

Of course, if you would like to do more, you would be more than welcome to contribute to Water Mission on your own by visiting their website,  

Safe, clean water is unbelievably precious, and with the right innovation, engineering, and passion at work, I’m happy to say that Tommy’s Express and each and every one of our fans and supporters (that means you!) are all helping to make clean water more and more accessible every day.  

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