Tunnel of Terror at Tommy’s Express

Lightning splits the sky, and in the wind, you can hear a distant laughing, or is that crying? You can’t be sure. Strange figures are moving out there, in the misty middle distance, and then you realize…. your car is filthy

It can only mean one thing…

October is finally here!

This is our annual opportunity to cool down and enjoy some brisk mornings and crisp evenings with apple cider, warm donuts, hayrides, and pumpkin carving with the family. And, naturally, if you happen to get a bit muddy visiting your local family farm or touring the colors, Tommy’s Express will always have your back with outstanding car washes and the fastest service in town.

But October is about more than some wholesome outdoorsy fun. It’s also about candy, and scares, and pretending to be someone or something else. Halloween is coming!

While your family is rushing to pick out Halloween costumes before Trick-or-Treating, here’s one event you should probably put on your list. Trust me. You won’t want to miss it!

Tunnel of Terror

In years past, many Tommy’s Express Car Washes hosted haunted tunnel events, and this year, even more locations are looking forward to getting in on the fun.

Here’s what we saw last year:

The sky was growing dark as we joined the line of stopped cars, slowly jostling our way towards the multicolored glow of the car wash. As we waited, vampires, clowns, and masked monsters moved from car to car, the little eyes in the seats behind me grew wider and wider.

With the windows rolled down, we could hear anxious, excited talking from the cars around us and then the soundtrack from the wash. Distant howls and yelps of pain. A peal of thunder from inside the tunnel, and then (lightening the mood!) the Ghostbusters theme, followed by a dark and stormy ambiance surrounding our favorite car wash experience.

I paid our admission to the stitched-up doll at the window, and it was finally time to roll up the windows and turn into the wash, now converted into a dark and smoky tunnel glowing with angry red lights and flashing on and off with strobes like lightning. The belts took over, and the water fell over the car, and from the rear seats, my children screamed as a drenched serial killer and two clowns appeared around the car, staring in, illuminated by the strobes until soap and brushes hid them from view.

More disguised and disfigured employees waited at the exit, looking over at us and waving goodbye from beneath tangles of spiderwebs, gallows, and other haunted-house fares as we exited through the blowers and out towards safety, where goodie bags were waiting to reward those who had braved the trip.

And for my kids it was more than fun, it was fantastic!

Follow Your Local Wash For Details

Keep in mind that while each participating tunnel will provide the same high-quality wash you’ve come to expect from Tommy’s Express, each participating site will host a unique experience. So, you’ll need to check and follow your local Tommy’s Express location’s Facebook page for participation info, hours, details, and pricing.

But for those who do have the chance, I highly recommend making a Tommy’s Express Tunnel-of-Terror a highlight of your family’s Halloween traditions, starting this year!