‘Twas a night in December…

‘Twas a night in December, and all through the bay,  

Cars were washed clean; drivers stopped on their way.  

Trucks, vans, and more were loaded with care,  

While great silver blowers warmed wintery air.  

Inside their seats, children watched this great show,  

Soap-suds and water, bright colors that glow

I pulled up to the tunnel ready to partake

Shifted into neutral and took my foot off the brake  

When all of a sudden I heard such a clatter 

I looked all around to see what was the matter 

I scanned out my windows all covered in soap 

In hopes that everything was okay, and nothing had broke 

I looked out the sunroof and what should appear 

But a shiny red sleigh and eight tiny reindeer 

I couldn’t believe it, no way this was real 

Santa doesn’t drive an automobile 

He was dressed in all fur from his head to his foot 

He must stop at the wash to get rid of the soot. 

His sleigh how it twinkled, the shine it impressed 

I now know that Santa washes at Tommy’s Express. 

With a wink of his eye and a twist of his head 

I knew it was time to get home and put the children to bed. 

I exit the tunnel still a little shook 

I rush to the vacuums to get a better look 

He quickly sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle 

And away they all flew, like the dawn of a thistle. 

But I heard him exclaim as he flew out of sight  

“Go to Tommy’s Express, and your car will shine bright!” 

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