The Tommy’s Express Franchise Explained

Exciting things are on the horizon! Today we’ve taken some time and asked Alex Lemmen, Chief Operating Officer of the Tommy’s Express Car Wash franchise, a few questions about the business and what we, our partners, and our guests have to expect and look forward to in 2019 and beyond.

Good morning Alex! First off, can you tell us, in a nutshell, what the Tommy’s Express franchise really is?

AL: The Tommy’s Express franchise (which you can learn more about here) is the most complete offering in the entire car wash industry. Built on over 50 years of testing and experience it packages every component and element needed to run a success car wash business business in one offering, all designed to work and integrate seamlessly. Proprietary equipment, technology, and building design, combined with the most advanced training, support, operational procedures, and digital/grass roots marketing, make for the most complete and advanced opportunity in the business.

No one in the industry or trying to enter the industry should have to figure all of this out on their own. Instead, we offer a top-notch franchise community committed to serving each other and together engaging in a never-ending pursuit of excellence and innovation that drives record car wash volumes.

What can TX do for partners that other franchise options can’t?

AL: For years Tommy’s Express has been building a foundation that allows us to offer everything we offer now. We are the only franchise option that includes everything – everything you need to be successful running a performance-focused car wash franchise.

This includes proprietary equipment and exclusive technology (from dual belt conveyors to integrated licence plate readers and the Tommy’s Express mobile app), a remarkable and iconic building which works as its own advertising campaign, a full suite of training, support, and operation procedures, and refined marketing strategies to drive early volume to the site. Unlike other franchise options Tommy’s Express will guide you through the design, construction, and operation of your business without limiting the support provided and serving right with you every step of the way to help your team run the business the way we run our own record-breaking corporate facilities.

What most excites you most about the franchise moving forward into 2019, and beyond?

AL: The Tommy’s franchise community is growing quickly in the US (and soon abroad as well) and continuing to accelerate, driving companionship among all partners, collective innovation, and brand recognition. This presents a priceless opportunity for everyone involved to be a part of something much larger than his or herself.

I’m also excited about the deepening connections between the entire franchise community including our corporate teams, our franchise partners, our vendors, our general contractors, the municipalities we work with, and more. Every day this franchise is bringing together entrepreneurs and other stakeholders from all walks of life to collaborate as we wash cars all around the world!

Together we are using this unique and powerful platform to enrich lives in very simple and real ways, add value to our relationships with each other and our guests, and transform the communities in which we operate. We work hard together, but have a lot of fun and are continuing to live out our larger mission of impacting the world for the better through incredible car washing.

Anything else you’d like to mention?

AL: Feel free to reach out to the Tommy’s Express team, ask questions, and learn more! Our community is fired up about what we are doing and we love to invite others to share our passion and join in the journey.

Our industry is fragmented and often boasts tired and outdated infrastructure. The time is ripe a franchise opportunity—OUR franchise opportunity – to take root and grow and our communities and guests are better off because of it. We are all humbled by what we are able to accomplish together as a team together with all of our stakeholders (including franchise partners, vendors, corporate teams, etc.) and are so excited to see where this road takes us!

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