Support Global Clean Water with Water Mission and Tommy’s Express

Water Mission Malawi

At Tommy’s Express, every visit supports clean water solutions around the world.

In 1998 George and Molly Greene were operating an environmental engineering company in the United States when they received a desperate request. People in Honduras, which had been impacted heavily by Hurricane Mitch, were in desperate need of a renewable source of clean water.

Unable to find a water treatment system that met the critical needs expressed in those communities, they and their engineers undertook to design, build, and implement their own systems—and to save lives in doing so.

This was the beginning of the international nonprofit organization Water Mission, a group of talented and passionate individuals working to not only install water systems where needed around the world but to understand the growing global water crisis and its solutions. From its earliest days, the Water Mission began to implement refined water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions that keep working, reduce costs for those using them, and evolve along with the needs of the communities being served.

Today Water Mission has expanded considerably in its field, serving more than 50 countries around the world and providing safe, potable water to over three million individuals to date with an emphasis on solar power, research studies, and community and government partnership.

Tommy’s Express Car Wash is proud to support this vital mission, and to this end, a portion of each car wash at every one of our facilities goes directly to supporting the work and ministry of Water Mission. Water is precious, and with the right innovation, engineering, and passion we can all make sure that our limited supply of clean water is used wisely and used well.

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