Tommy’s Express vs. Driveway Car Washing

Save water, and visit your local Tommy’s Express today!

Last week we took a look at how driveway car washing can be a problem for local ponds, rivers, streams, and lakes. But there’s another reason to skip the buckets and sponges: water waste.

According to the EPA, the average driveway car wash in America uses over 116 gallons of water. But maybe that’s not so surprising. After all, a standard 5/8” garden hose will output 17 gallons of water or more each minute, which adds up fast even if you’re being careful. And because the public water used for the final rinse is unfiltered, you’re going to have water spots left behind after it dries.

Now consider that our modern Tommy’s Express car wash designs use less than 35 total gallons of water per car—around the same amount as a full bathtub (30+ gallons) or one load of laundry in a top-loading washer (35+ gallons)—while providing a low pH presoak, soft cloth cleaning action, an underbody rinse, hot wax, UV guard, and tire shine. And all in under 3 minutes!

How does our water use so much less than driveway washing? High-quality car wash engineering. Instead of an open garden hose, our system works with targeted, high-pressure nozzles and precise cleaning product dilutions to safely provide the most cleaning and rinsing power possible with the absolute minimum water usage. And to prevent water spotting we use industrial water softeners and reverse osmosis units to ensure that the final result of your wash is better without repeat rinsing.

The Tommy’s Express car wash brand is growing, and as we grow we look forward to bringing efficient, green car washing to more and more communities around the nation. Visit your local Tommy’s Express and see the difference for yourself!

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