How does upgrading affect billing?

Tommy's Express app

Looking to upgrade wash plans? You can change your subscription immediately! 

For around $5 more a month (that’s less than a latte!), you can upgrade to the next level Tommy’s Express car wash package and receive even more bang for your buck. 

The WORKS leads the charge as our most popular choice for guests. 

Why should I upgrade my wash plan?

When you visit a Tommy’s Express, it’s a car wash experience like no other. 

We use specialized, innovative wash equipment and advanced systems for the best wash possible – and we’re constantly making improvements. Add in our free vacuums and floor mat washers (as well as detail kits!), and it’s easy to complete the clean. Your car interior deserves to sparkle just as much as the outside! 

It just feels right to ride in a clean car. 

To help you elevate your car wash, the Tommy’s Express wash plan menu offers a plethora of car wash packages.  

You may want a different wash package at different times of the year. For instance, maybe you started out at the QUALITY package for the basic exterior wash, but in the winter, you really want to upgrade and add an underbody flush. It’s essential in climates that use lots of road chemicals, sand, or salt. 

Or in sunny climates, you might want to protect your vehicle from UV rays, pollen, and road grit with Rainbow Coat. The WORKS unlimited car wash plan is the best protector – it also includes our Ceramic Body Wax, which fills in microscopic irregularities in your clearcoat and paint. The more you use the WORKS, the better it maintains your vehicle. 

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We offer the best wash experiences for multiple wash plans, which is reflected in our Tommy’s Express prices.

Changing your subscription

When you upgrade, you’ll receive a pro-rated charge which will be based on your original billing date. No need to wait until your next billing date to get the wash you want now! 

You can also easily change your plan to meet your financial needs. 

If you’re looking to downgrade your car wash plan, there are two options: You can either downgrade immediately (however, this does not provide a refund), or choose to have your downgrade begin on your next billing date.  

So, unless you need to downgrade to a different car wash package ASAP, you don’t have to worry about losing the remaining time of the subscription you already paid for. Plus, you can always return to a better wash plan once you’re ready!   

To change your subscription:

  1. Open the Tommy’s Express app on your device.
  2. Click the Account Icon (upper right-hand corner).
  3. Click “My Cars.”
  4. Tap “Manage Subscription” on the car you want to change (please do this separately for each vehicle).
  5. Click the “Wash Plan” window.
  6. Select your new plan.
  7. Click “Confirm.”

For a more in-depth video on the subscription changing process, click here

If you have any more questions regarding your unlimited car wash subscription or changing your plan, contact our Guest Services department.