Can I use my TommyClub membership at different locations?

It’s no secret that Tommy’s Express Car Washes are popping up all over the country. At the time of this writing, we have over 100 locations with hundreds more on the way! With the increase in locations, you’re probably curious if you’re able to use your TommyClub membership while road tripping to your child’s next soccer game.

*drumroll, please* YES! You can use your TommyClub membership at ANY and ALL Tommy’s Express Car Wash locations!

While you’re on your business trip to Orland Park, Illinois from Davenport, Iowa, use your membership and take your car for a wash.

The best part – this works for your Pay Per Wash membership, too. So even if you don’t want to commit to a monthly car wash membership, sign-up in the app, select Pay Per Wash and you too can enjoy all the exclusive perks of living life in the APP lane.  

Bottom line: download the Tommy’s Express App and sign up today. Your experience on-site will be that much better and you’ll be able to use it at multiple locations – all 100 (and counting) of them.