How do I use PayPerWash™?

Do you love the ease of a car wash membership but don’t love the thought of adding another subscription to your budget? Enter: PayPerWash™.

PayPerWash is exactly what it sounds like – using our Tommy’s Express app, you save your card and preferred wash package information and are automatically billed each time you wash your car at your local Tommy’s Express Car Wash. There are no monthly fees and no recurring membership costs.

It’s TommyClub, but on your terms. Best of all, you get to use the APP lanes and don’t have to worry about the wait at the window which means less time taken out of your day.   

Even if you’re already an UNLIMITED TommyClub member and not washing as much as you planned, you have the option to toggle to a PayPerWash account instead of your UNLIMITED membership. You’ll no longer have the monthly recurring subscription but can still use the APP lane until you’re ready to become an UNLIMITED member again. 

PayPerWash is a great way to see what Tommy’s Express Car Wash is all about. Experience the wash quality, get to know the team members, and decide later if you want to become a member. 

If you have multiple cars or teen drivers, PayPerWash is a great option to ensure all of your cars stay clean. You can manage the memberships from one phone and don’t have to send your kids with your credit card to the wash to keep their cars clean. Less work for you, more freedom for them. 

Do we have you convinced to take the leap to sign up for PayPerWash? Download the Tommy’s Express app from the Google Play or Apple App Store and follow these directions below:

  1. Tap the navigation lines in the top right-hand corner. 
  1. Tap My Garage. 
  1. Add or select the vehicle you’d like to sign up with. 
  1. Modify the toggle at the top of plan selection to “PayPerWash”. 
  1. Choose your PayPerWash account. 
  1. Tap Continue, Review your purchase details 
  1. You will owe nothing on the day of sign up, and be charged when you visit a wash your preferred wash package.  

If you’re already a TommyClub member and want to try PayPerWash, follow these easy instructions:  

  1. Tap on the 3 lines on the upper right 
  1. Tap My Garage, tap on Manage Subscription 
  1. Tap Cancel Subscription. A pop-up notification will appear that says ‘Convert to PayPerWash,’ 
  1. Tap ‘Yes Please’ to convert your user type. 

You can also watch this brief tutorial for additional support.  

As always, feel free to ask a team member on-site if you have any questions about PayPerWash or send us a message on Facebook.