Wash. Drive. Repeat.

Give your spring cleaning an upgrade.

Is anyone else looking forward to spring? I know I am, and my kids (both of them!) are too.   

But for now, we’re all still stuck inside per gross weather, and that’s getting really, really, really old. And, real talk, our house is an absolute disaster.  

They’re great kids, and I love them to death, but they’re still little and busy and crazy, and we’re busy too. This means that everything from their rooms to the kitchen to the basement, my office included, is pretty much a wreck despite our best efforts to keep on top of things.   

Messy spaces are legitimately stressful.  

If you can relate to a minor domestic disaster, I feel you. And you should know that we aren’t just struggling over a non-issue here.   

Psychologists have shown that clutter and disorder in your physical space have a real effect on your mental state, reducing your ability to focus and even contributing to feelings of anxiety and depression. A growing mess at home can make the best of us feel out of control as the mental pressure piles on.   

But there is one space in my life that I have control of that looks and feels great, and it’s somewhere that I spend a lot of time.   

It’s my car!   

Yep. I’ve been driving the same car through winter weather for months now. The same car carries three kids to daycare and then school five days a week. The same car that I commute to work in every single day. And the reason why it looks so darn good, inside and out and against all odds, is my local Tommy’s Express Car Wash and their Unlimited Clean Program—which you may know as TommyClub.  I Love My Ride.  

Why Unlimited works for me    

For less than the cost of a tank of gas, here’s what Tommy’s Express gives me:  

  • An entire month of unlimited washes, and when I choose the Works, I get the underbody flush, tire gloss, and Body Wax®
  • I can use the members’ only APP lanes at Tommy’s Express, which are fully automatic and contact-free, so I can get in and back out to my commute in no-time  
  • Easy loading/unloading on easy-to-use conveyor belts and super-fast washes, with pretty unbelievable wash quality too  
  • A simple monthly subscription or PayPerWash™ I can control from the Tommy’s Express app on my phone, no frustrating customer service calls required  
  • A way to manage separate memberships for more than one family vehicle through the brand-new My Garage feature on the APP, which is a nice touch  
  • Interior vacuuming stations, with interior cleaning kits available right in front of me for some hasty DIY detailing work whenever I need it  
  • Free floor mat cleaners (10/10, these things are unbelievable)  
  • A team that always seems happy to see us 😊  

Honestly, visiting Tommy’s Express is just one more thing I can do with the kids, getting them out of the house and putting on a show while keeping my car clean, clear, and looking great.  

Check them out!  

It might not seem like much, but this routine makes a big difference for me. So thanks, Tommy’s Express, for giving my little family and me a great way to take care of my car (and maybe my mental health too) and for making it cheap and fun while we’re doing it.   


Has Tommy’s Express made a difference in your life? Let us know! Our team always loves hearing from community members just like you.   

If you haven’t joined the TommyClub yet, there is no better time than today! Just download the Tommy’s Express app and register your vehicle (or vehicles with the new My Garage feature) for 100% unlimited car washing with the fastest, most modern, and best quality car wash experience you’ve ever had.  

And if a monthly subscription isn’t right for you, consider downloading the App and signing up for our PayPerWash™ service so that you can use our express, contact-free, member’s only APP lanes while still only paying for the washes you use when you use them.   


Tommy’s Express Car Wash  

Love Your Ride