What’s the fingernail rule?

Bugs. Dirt. Grime. A car that desperately needs a car wash.

You love your ride. You’ve invested a lot of money into it, and you know your purchase is a reflection of yourself and your personality. Googling “car wash near me” and going to the first result isn’t going to cut it for you when deciding to get the car cleaned because you are different. Letting some machines clean the dirt, grime, and bug guts off your pride and joy isn’t a decision you take lightly. That’s why we have what is called “the fingernail rule”.  

We love your ride, too, and want to keep it looking great for you. If a fingernail is required to scrape off the material, our gentle brushes won’t do the same on the first try. Why? To keep your vehicle’s paint and clear coat pristinely intact. Luckily, with an UNLIMITED Club membership at Tommy’s Express, the bug guts and grime won’t have a chance to get baked on. The more often you visit, the better off your car will be. And when we say unlimited, we mean UNLIMITED. No daily or monthly restrictions here!  

Our soft-touch car wash is designed to keep your vehicle as safe as possible. We know you’re trusting us with a lot, and we don’t take that lightly. Over the years, our engineering teams have used their car wash expertise to design the ultimate experience for you. Come, give us a try. We promise you won’t be disappointed and with an UNLIMITED Club membership, you’ll love your ride even more.  

For more information about TommyClub, click here or visit your closest Tommy’s Express and take the cashier lane. Our team would be happy to answer any questions!