When the Bugs Just Won’t Quit, We’re Here For You

The bugs are still out, and so are we!

This isn’t the first post we’ve written about bug splats this year. And everything we wrote before is still 100% true:

  • Finding bug guts on your car is gross
  • Bug guts are acidic and will eat at your car’s paint
  • Bugs can also mess with your visibility while driving

But, really, the bug guts themselves aren’t the biggest problem. It’s when bug splats have time to sit on your car in the sun, dry out, bake on, and then etch into your paint. That’s when everyday bug splats get hard to deal with, whether you’re scrubbing by hand or occasionally running through the car wash.

Fortunately, we have a solution: fast, affordable car washing!

Regular car washes during bug season help remove bug splats faster, so they don’t have time to dry out. And unless you really want to head out to the driveway and scrub off your car every day or two after work but before dinner, we think Tommy’s Express is your very best option for keeping your car bug-free.

Here’s why!

Tommy’s Express Gives You Unbeatable Value, In Money and Time!

If you haven’t heard about TommyClub yet, we have good news!

TommyClub is our digital car wash subscription program. Just download the Tommy’s Express app, register your vehicle, and choose your wash package (video guides available are available here). That’s it! As soon as you’ve registered, you can wash as much as you want at any Tommy’s Express location for one monthly rate.

Plus, when your car is enrolled in TommyClub, you get express, contactless access to the wash through any APP lane, which will open for your vehicle automatically using your car’s license plate number. You can pull in, glide through the App lane, get your wash, and keep driving—often in five minutes or less!

And if you ever decide you want to stop your subscription for the upcoming month, you can cancel any time using the app. No phone calls or emails required.

Outstanding Wash Quality

Getting bugs off your car is tricky business. But Tommy’s Express washes are up to the job with a precisely engineered process that aims to give you the most cleaning power possible with the least water consumption and wastage.

And step one in the process is getting rid of the “dude with a pressure washer” stage in the car wash and replacing him or her with an automated, all-around triple presoak application using an alkaline presoak solution. This product quickly begins to break down bugs, dirt, and other soils so they can be removed by our gentle soft-cloth modules, foaming body soap, and high-pressure rinse.

After the cleaning is done, we wrap up the wash with a spot-free rinse and (depending on your wash package) Tommy Guard, Body Wax, and Tire Shine services to help keep your car’s exterior slick, shiny, and protected.


Bugs or no bugs, Tommy’s Express is here to help you protect and invest in your car and improve your day every time you visit.

That’s why we’re always happy to see you. That’s why we’re committed to providing outstanding service at every level of our organization. And that’s why we’re so excited to allow our guests to wash as often during the month as they need for just one charge, blasting away your bugs before they have a chance to dry out, so you never need to waste elbow-grease scrubbing at them in your driveway again.

The next time you see a new set of bug splats on your car, visit your locally-owned-and-operated, eco-friendly, high-performance car wash right away. Visit Tommy’s Express!

We’ll see you there.