When The Weather Won’t Cooperate

Rain Doesn’t Count As A Car Wash 

It’s the truth. And I wish it did—it’s been raining where I am at. ⛈️ 

But I’ve got a black car, and believe me when I tell you that rain does not get it clean.

Why Rain Doesn’t Cut It For Car Washing 

Whether it’s a downpour or a slow, steady fall rain, rainfall doesn’t have the water pressure or chemistry to remove dirt, bug guts, bird guano (bird poo) off a car’s paintwork. And while acid rain has gotten a lot better over the past decades, rainwater still trends acidic and is not great for your vehicle, not to mention the mud that gets kicked up when you drive. 

These elements make Fall a frustrating season for me personally. Sure, I love the colors, the crisp air, the pumpkin spice lattes—but between the buggy days, the rainstorms, and the soggy nights, keeping my car clean for those rare and beautiful sunny autumn mornings USED to be an utter pain.  

But not anymore, and I think you can guess why.  

Rain Guarantees Are The Worst 

Here’s why I’m writing this and why I love Tommy’s Express so much and the TommyClub especially.  

My old carwash had a rain guarantee. “Buy any Car Wash, and if it rains on the day of your purchase, come back within 48 hours, and we’ll re-wash your car for FREE!”  

Sounds fine. But look closer. To take advantage of this guarantee means: 

  1. It has to rain on the same day. Not a day later, not later in the week.  
  2. You have to keep your receipt; otherwise, you’ve got no proof.
  3. You have to go back with the receipt in hand and ask, demand, or beg for a re-wash. And that leads to the old song and dance. “Did it rain? I don’t think it rained. Didn’t rain here. The car looks clean to me.”

It was a pain, and by design, it wasn’t worth the bother. 

TommyClub Has You Covered! 

But when you’ve got TommyClub, there is no rain guarantee, because the club is a FOREVER guarantee! As long as my subscription is active, I can come back whenever I want, whenever I need to, or whenever I want to and get a fresh wash. There is no arguing, no receipts, and no trying to Google the weather history in nearby zip code as evidence. I can even get another wash later on the same day if I want it.  

And unlike rainwater, Tommy’s Express gets my car sparkling. Here’s what their team has to say about that: 

“From grime to shine, Tommy’s Express has you covered! Each Tommy’s Express location is equipped with a complete, high-performance wash package using high-pressure water, soft cloth, and foam brushes, and specially engineered car wash detergents to safely and thoroughly remove soils from every angle of your car—even the undercarriage! And with Fall coming, a Tommy’s Express WORKS wash gives you even more value, from our Body Wax® option for deep luster and rain repellency to Tommy Guard® service for incredible shine and all-weather protection to Tire Shine that leaves your tires with that perfect wet-black sheen. All this, unlimited, with automatic entry to the car wash for one low monthly price. Download the Tommy’s Express app to enroll today!” 

Give It A Shot! 

If you’re not sure if Tommy’s Express or TommyClub is right for you, I’d say to give them a try. They’re the coolest and the most convenient car wash I’ve ever used, and my car has never looked better.  


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