Why does a Team Member check my truck bed?

If you’re a truck owner, you’ve probably experienced one of our trusted Team Members walking around to check truck beds.  
We promise we’re not trying to invade your privacy. It’s just part of our safety check. 
Our team has a checklist to ensure a safe car wash experience for every Guest.  

Over the years, we’ve found that it’s in everyone’s best interests to check truck beds, just in case. 

Vehicle prep helps keep everyone safe

Just like vehicle owners make sure their windows are rolled up to prep for the wash, our Team Members are also looking over your vehicle to get it ready. 
We’re checking for vehicle damage that may be an issue in the wash, like excessive rust or car parts that are cracked, taped, or tied on. Team Members also check truck beds looking for rogue bungee cords, ratchet straps, ropes, landscaping materials, or other gems. 
In case you didn’t know, we service trucks of all shapes and sizes. And yes, if you have a dualie pickup truck, you can wash at Tommy’s Express!
After our Team Members have worked at the wash long enough, they see quite a collection of hazards in truck beds. Nothing is intentionally left in, of course, but sometimes owners forget an item or two that’s been tossed in the back. That truck bed is a real catchall for some drivers! 

We’re all doing our best to keep vehicles safe from damage, as well as anyone else in the wash. Adding value to the car wash experience is part of our mission every day. 

You can count on us for a safe car wash experience for you and your truck. Visit your favorite location today!