Why doesn’t my vehicle get pre-scrub?

Tommy's Express pre-scrub image.

One of the perks of visiting Tommy’s Express is the efficiency of our car wash. 

With over 50 years in the car wash business, we’ve purposefully designed each product application to make the most efficient car wash experience possible. 

Our patented arches apply detergents, wax, and spot-free rinse in a precise order and perfect dilution ratio to best clean your vehicle. 

Vehicle prep is different in an efficient car wash 

Sometimes we get asked why we don’t send Team Members out to pre-scrub vehicles before they go into the wash. 

We do a safer version of vehicle prep via our custom-blend detergent. The spray of the first arch automatically dissolves bug guts right off your vehicle.  

Extra scrubbing at your car with a brush would only interrupt this effective process and has the potential to damage your vehicle. 
At the beginning of our wash, the Triple Threat Wheel Blaster is just one example of our industry-leading equipment. We’re able to process cars cleaner and more efficiently than obsolete models such as prepping with a pre-scrub brush. 

Wash often for the best car care

If you’ve already joined TommyClub, you know that we love to encourage our unlimited members to wash often!  

We always say, washing your car is preventative maintenance. The more you wash, the easier it is to remove debris. Think about it – the longer you wait, the longer the sun has to bake grit onto your vehicle. 
Swing by your favorite Tommy’s Express location today and experience what a highly calibrated car wash can do for your vehicle.