Why should I choose The WORKS wash package?

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The WORKS is the absolute best Tommy’s Express Car Wash® package.  

Like ordering the works on your favorite meal, The WORKS at Tommy’s Express is full of delights. 

For car lovers, we always recommend The WORKS to keep your vehicle clean, shiny, and looking its best.  

These are some of the favorite features that make it the top wash experience:  

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  • Tire Gloss: Provides a clean, glossy, detailed look. 
  • Ceramic Body Wax: Fills in microscopic irregularities on your vehicle’s clear coat. Your car cleans easier because it forms a protective barrier over your vehicle’s surface.  
  • Red Hot Cleanser: Soap applied at the beginning of the wash to break down dirt. 
  • Rainbow Coat: A 6-colored poly-bond wax that seals out the damaging effects of sunlight, water, salt, and rain. It also produces a bright, glossy finish. 
  • 3-Step Wheel Cleaning: An advanced 3-step process that uses a combination of soap and friction to shine the rims and wheels. 
  • Tommy Guard: A rain repellent that shines, seals, and protects vehicles from the elements. 
  • Underbody Flush: A low-pressure rinse of the vehicle’s undercarriage. Helps prevent rusting and keeps everything clean. 

When you choose The WORKS, your vehicle gets the most fantastic experience when it rolls through the tunnel.  

Cars love The WORKS 

New car owners are frequent users of The WORKS. For them, it’s essential to keep that pristine vehicle condition.  

Or, if you finally have your dream car, you’ll want to use The WORKS to help maintain its luster. 
The more you wash with The WORKS, the better it protects your investment. Removing road grit regularly and protecting your finish with Ceramic Body Wax and Rainbow Coat helps your car in the long-term.  

If you’re looking to treat your ride to the best, choose The WORKS from our car wash menu.  

Your vehicle will thank you!