Why YOU Need More Car Washes This Winter

No matter the climate, winter is the right season for regular car washes at your local Tommy’s Express!

Here’s why:

For Those With Snow

For those in the north, it can be tempting to hold off on car washes when storms are rolling in. After all, you’ll never keep your car clean anyway, so what’s the difference if it stays grimy for a few days, a few weeks, or a few months?

It turns out, that difference can be pretty critical.

Winter conditions can do a number on a car in a relatively short amount of time. The snowier it gets the more road salt and de-icing compounds go down on the roads, both of which dramatically accelerate vehicle rusting the longer they sit on your car—especially on the undercarriage where the damage is invisible.

Weekly or twice weekly car washes with an underbody flush service help loosen up that salt layer on your vehicle’s exterior and lower body, slowing the rate of damage, while our Body Wax and Tommy Guard products provide an extra layer of protection over the visible portions of the vehicle.

Make car washing a part of your weekly routine and you may be surprised just how much better your car looks a few years down the road!

For Everybody Else

If you live in the south or out West you may still have to worry about road salt from the occasional winter storm, or even from sea salt blowing in on the air from the Atlantic, Pacific, or Gulf of Mexico, depending on where you’re located.

But, wherever you are, regular car washes at your nearest Tommy’s Express will keep your vehicle looking good AND give you the best possible road visibility after stormy or windy winter days.

Looking For Affordable Car Washes ON DEMAND? We’ve Got you Covered!

TommyClub is the perfect solution for affordable, unlimited car washing on your schedule at any Tommy’s Express location. Just download the app, enroll your license plate number, and visit whenever we’re open. It’s that simple!

All Tommy’s Express locations use our original license plate recognition system, so there are no radio tags to install or membership cards to coupon books to keep track of. Just pull into the pay queue and the system will automatically scan and admit your vehicle.

And if you only want car washes for a month or two you can cancel your auto renewal right from the app any time, no hassle. 🙂

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