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Good for cars.  Great for your city.

It’s not just about clean cars. It’s about enriching lives, adding value and serving communities.

Environmentally Friendly

  • We use advanced lighting controls and LEDs to monitor and minimize everyday power use.
  • Thanks to our acrylic roof system, every Tommy's Express makes extensive use of natural light during daylight hours.
  • Tommy's Express' advanced water reclamation system uses up to 60% less fresh water when compared with driveway washing, and keeps 100% of cleaning products out of storm drains and local water bodies.
tommys express car wash tunnel

tommys express tunnel entrance

Efficient Processing

  • Combining our signature, high-capacity design and proven site layout, Tommy's Express locations can process more than 200 vehicles per hour, keeping lines short and customers happy.
  • Fast processing (up to three cars loaded per minute) keeps vehicles moving to prevent traffic backups during busy periods.

World Class Facility and Operations

  • Tommy's Express' architecture serves as an aesthetically striking and instantly identifiable landmark in cities across the country.
  • Every site is required to conform to our high standards for professionalism and cleanliness.
  • Extensive training and regular auditing ensures cities enjoy a clean, highly professionalized retail destination and valuable community partner.
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tommys express cashier window

Community Focused

  • While every Tommy's Express is part of a nationally branded organization, each facility is owned and operated locally.
  • Tommy's Express owners and operators are encouraged to partner with local community groups and facilitate a variety of fundraising programs.
  • We invest in your community, providing resource for responsible car washing and great job opportunities too!

Need more info?

To learn more about how a Tommy's Express car wash could benefit your city, feel free to download this pdf.