Car Wash

Fundraising with Tommy's Express

Partner with Tommy's Express for simple fundraising ideas that give you cash in hand - quickly and easily. Our car wash voucher cards give your buyers our top wash, The WORKS. And you get them for 50% off. Sell the vouchers at the full WORKS wash price, then keep the profits!


Simple and easy


Buy a set of vouchers* at 50% off the retail price.


Sell the wash vouchers at full retail price.


Keep the profits! It's that easy.


Fundraising with Tommy's Express was a great blessing for us!

By selling the single-wash cards, we were able to raise over $4,000 for our summer camp transportation. We were given all the needed materials to be successful, and it was great working with the Tommy's Express team. I recommend this opportunity for fundraising!

Fr. Bill Cremers