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Fleet and Business Discounts

How It Works - Wash More, Save More

Each time one of your fleet vehicles visits any of our Tommy’s Express sites, we recognize the license plate and charge your account for the wash.

A bill is sent each week to your default payment method, for however many washes completed.

If you wash your fleet more during the week, you get a bigger discount! 

Our tunnels can wash vehicles up to 84 inches tall and 96 inches wide.

Need to make an update? Your vehicles and billing information can be managed on the Tommy’s Express app or with help from a Team Member at any wash location.

fleet van in tunnel

The Benefits: Why Wash Your Fleet At Tommy's

Our easy-to-use fleet program keeps your company fleet clean on the road. Consolidate your billing with a single account owner to manage all your fleet vehicles, and take advantage of discounted volume wash prices to businesses and organizations with multiple vehicles.

Tommy's Express premium detergents, Tommy Guard®, Ceramic Body Wax®, and Tire Shine help everyone look professional and fresh!

  • Promote a positive image for your business with clean cars.
  • Access the app lane for a contact-free, 3-minute wash.
  • Maintain your fleet vehicle condition.
fleet billing page on app

Fleet Billing Details

  • Billing can be viewed and managed through the app.
  • Enjoy automatic payment with every wash.
  • Use a single credit card for all vehicles.
  • Billed weekly from Sunday to Saturday.

Four Fleet Discount Levels Available

washes per week

-5% off

washes per week

-10% off

washes per week

-15% off

washes per week

-20% off

Pay Per Wash For Fleets — From $7 - 22

We offer four wash packages, so that you can choose the specific clean for your specific Fleet. Pricing varies by location, so view our locations page for specific pricing information.

#1 Works

  • Tire Gloss
  • Body Wax®
  • Red Hot Cleanser
  • Rainbow Coat®
  • 3-Step Wheel Cleaning
  • Tommy Guard®
  • Underbody Flush

#2 Ultimate

  • Rainbow Coat®
  • 3-Step Wheel Cleaning
  • Tommy Guard®
  • Underbody Flush

#3 Super

  • Tommy Guard®
  • Underbody Flush

#4 Quality

  • Basic Exterior Wash

Sign Up In the App


After you've downloaded the app, enter your business email and tap Start Shining.


Help us get to know you by entering your account settings and fleet details.


Choose the plans for your fleet and update your choices any time in My Garage.


Find your nearest Tommy's Express and start washing!

App splash screen App enter account details App My Garage screen App find your location

Sign up Online

Fill out the form below to get started. You'll be asked to download a template file where you can fill out your fleet vehicle info. After you reupload the file and submit, someone from our Guest Services team will reach out to you to confirm your account has been set up correctly. After that you're ready to start washing!

Reminder: All vehicles can still wash at any location, regardless of your primary location site.