Car Wash

Express Car Wash Services

We've got the tools and expertise to keep your car clean, inside and out. Our wash packages let you pay for the services you want, including:

  • Tommy Guard® and Ceramic Body Wax®
  • Wheel cleaning and tire gloss
  • Underbody flush and spot-free rinse

Unlimited Memberships & PayPerWash

We offer four wash packages so that you can choose the right clean for your car, including how you want to pay. Pricing varies by location, so find your nearest location below.

#1 The Works

  • Tire Gloss
  • Ceramic Body Wax®
  • Red Hot Cleanser
  • Rainbow Coat®
  • 3-Step Wheel Cleaning
  • Tommy Guard®
  • Underbody Flush

#2 Ultimate

  • Rainbow Coat®
  • 3-Step Wheel Cleaning
  • Tommy Guard®
  • Underbody Flush

#3 Super

  • Tommy Guard®
  • Underbody Flush

#4 Quality

  • Basic Exterior Wash

Now serving Fleet and Business Accounts!



Our vacuums are available as you exit the car wash. The dual-hose design allows you to easily clean all areas of your car.

  • Integrated sun canopy
  • Push Button Start
  • Touchless Option - Start from the App

Mat Washers

These machines are a real powerhouse—we’re taking interior car cleaning to another level. It’s more than just free vacuum stations at Tommy’s Express!

  • Fast and Efficient
  • New! Hard Molded Mat Washers for WeatherTech available at select sites.

Detail Kits

A convenient package of all the things you need to give your car the care it deserves, minus the high cost of professional detailing and long wait times.

  • Glass Cleaning & Surface Cleaning Cloth
  • Tommy's Signature Scent
  • Chamois
  • Touchless Vending & Payment

Tire Shine

As your vehicle exits the tunnel, our tire gloss applicator applies a protective gloss coating to keep your tires shiny and looking their best.

  • Included in our #1 WORKS Wash
  • Gentle bristle applicator

Tommy Transporter Belt

Our dual belt conveyor makes it easy to enter and leave the wash. Simply come to a complete stop, put your car into neutral and enjoy the ride.

  • Easy car alignment
  • Easy unloading