Car Wash

Real Estate
Site Submission

500 sites under development. 2,000+ needed!

What we are looking for

30,000 population
within 3 miles

The local population should be large enough to sustain healthy club membership.

20,000 vehicles
per day

Maximizing daily and weekly exposure to the community and being on roads that are convenient and easily accessible are key.


Become a part of the communities daily and weekly routine - surround yourself with the businesses they already visit.

National or
regional brand

You will want to be within 500' of popular local brands. If there are no others nearby, there must be a reason for it.


Access and flow on-site is crucial - being able to enter and exit from any direction of traffic and having multiple curb cuts creates a much better guest experience.

No competition
in a half mile

In most markets we do not want to be building on top of direct competition, find an opening within the area if possible.

Frontage along
main road

Visibility from daily traffic is key, avoid obstructions like landscaping and other businesses blocking our view.


Direct entry and exit from the main road facilitating traffic places a heavy emphasis on convenience for our guests. Having a great site means nothing if it is hard to get in and out of.

Land size

1 acre +/- site-specific factors can increase/decrease land needed.


Sample site layouts:

130 foot site layout
90 foot site layout

Submit your sites